Heating pad 20g & 50g "PackSolution"

The heating pad is the heat source for our Cook Solution containers. Composed of 18 minerals, it is activated with a little water. Intense heat is released after only a few seconds.

The bags are packed tightly and must be used within 30 minutes of opening.

Sold in box of 10 pieces online or at these retailers.

N.B. The PACK SOLUTION warmers are disposable (one use only)

The bag is biodegradable in almost its entirety

The interior which produces heat when activated with water , consists of 18 minerals , so all biodegradable it can even be placed in the garden compost or as fertilizer.

The only part that is not biodegradable is the white envelope made ​​of paper and a nylon mesh . This has to be removed before placing the bag in the compost or soil.

Recommended for our containers Cook Solution:

PackSolution Amount of water
Good to use with

Heating pack 20g (BP-001)Heating pack 20g (BP-001) 40ml Coffee mug 400ml (BC-004)Coffee mug 400ml (BC-004)  

Heating pack 50g (BP-002)Heating pack 50g (BP-002) 120ml / 150ml Container 850ml (BC-003)Container 850ml (BC-003)     Container 1200ml (BC-007)Container 1200ml (BC-007)