Coffee cup Cook Solution is a flameless cooking system that cooks and warms your coffee , soup, tea, herbal tea , etc. This technology allows you to heat a cup or cook a hot meal without flame. The temperature reaches up to 208º degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature of 203º degrees on average . Your hot drink or a meal will be ready in 7 to 15 minutes.

Coffee mug comes with 1 bag flameless heating Packsolution to heat any beverage or soup!

Hot to use COOKSOLUTION: Coffee cup, soup and hot beverage

Step 1 stainless bowl   press the heathing pad to the bottom

Separate stainless tumbler from outer plastic container.


Open PACKSOLUTION, use rounded stick to press the heating pad way down to the bottom of plastic container to make sure it does not tear up.

Step 3 add water   Step 4 pour water onto

Pour water to the fill line of PackSolution package (40 ml).
* Water could overflow if filled out too much when heating.


Pour 40 ml of water onto the plastic container and then pour drinks in separated stainless steel cup.

Step 5 coffee mug   step 6 put lid back

Put the stainless steel cup into the plastic container when heating.


Put flip tap lid back onto container and wait for 6 to 8 minutes,
before enjoying your hot drink or beverage.

* Remove heating pack after cooking (not later than 30 minutes after start).
Failure to do so may cause deformation of the outer container.

Well-designed parts

Coffee mug pieces without fire

Helpful tips

PackSolution Amount of water
Good to use with

Heating pack 20g (BP-001)Heating pack 20g (BP-001) 40ml Coffee mug 400ml (BC-004)Coffee mug 400ml (BC-004)  

Heating pack 50g (BP-002)Heating pack 50g (BP-002) 120ml / 150ml Container 850ml (BC-003)Container 850ml (BC-003)     Container 1200ml (BC-007)Container 1200ml (BC-007)